Sorry that i havent been posting, theres been some delay in  the inspiration DX not good! 

Just a few updates.. 


Comic con is approching, and ALMOST done~ <3

I live in Montreal, Quebec Canada, if any of ya are form here, AND are attending comic con PLEASE see my Booth! Itll be MORE then appriciated if you come and say ” hey, i know you form Tumblr!” That’ll be totally adorable. ALSO Ill be running along side a friend~ Our booth is called MakotoEse 

I have some sample drawings for what i will be selling her on Tumblr,

 DeviantArt at ILuvDTK

and even on my facebook page, Christina Castiello MUA/Concept Artist


Second update…

I was invited to participate in a Horror Makeup contest! :D totally amazing, more things on that later, It’s only in October~ SO EXCITED!


Third Update! 

I recently took part in a short film where i acted a part.. Was there for special FX but  was moved onto the set! Totally amazing experience there~ Love the people i worked with as well!


Final Update!

I may be partaking in a book, where i will be doing some ilustrations.. for a lovely author! ..More on that when the time comes!

THANK YOU ALL WHO ARE FOLLOWING ME! IT MEANS THE WORLD THAT PEOPLE ARE INTERESTED!  And Questions, comments, critiques, requests or suggestions PLEASE feel free to drop an ask, or message me on facebook,  or Deviant art!